Angelic Upstarts - Alternative Chartbusters

Angelic Upstarts - Alternative Chartbusters

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UK CD 1992 (Alternative Chartbusters - AOK 102)

1 The Murder Of Liddle Towers
2 Police Oppression
3 I Stand Accused
4 Brighton Bomb
5 Power Of The Press
6 Blood On The Terraces
7 I Wanna Knighthood
8 Pride Of Our Passion
9 Teenage Warning (Live)
10 Never 'Ad Nuthin (Live)
11 Last Night Another Soldier (Live)
12 Guns For The Afghan Rebels (Live)

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Additional Credits

1-2: The Murder of Liddle Towers 7", released May 1978
3, 5: From Power Of The Press LP, released 1986
4: From Brighton Bomb 12", released June 1985
6-8: From Blood On The Terraces LP, released October 1987

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Compilation that does the band no favours, especially if this is anybody's first port of call: you get the first single (fine), some live stuff (not so fine), and six tracks from the mid-to-late '80s which fall short of the best material.

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