Angelic Upstarts - Brighton Bomb

Angelic Upstarts - Brighton Bomb LP

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US LP 1987 (Chameleon - CHC 8603)

1 I Stand Accused 3:18
2 Nottingham Slag 3:05
3 Joe Where Are You Now 2:36
4 Soldier 5:05
5 Empty Street 3:26
6 Brighton Bomb 3:38
7 Power Of The Press 2:31
8 Stab In The Back 2:12
9 Here I Come 3:42
10 Thin Red Line 2:11
11 I'd Kill Her For Sixpence 3:05
12 Greenfields Of France 4:59

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Mixed and engineered by Colin Peter
Recorded at Wickham Recording Studio, Croydon

Additional Credits

Mensi - vocals
Brian Hayes - guitar
Ronnie Rocker - bass, drums
Max Splodge - bass, drums

Reviews & Opinions

IRA ROBBINS, THE TROUSER PRESS RECORD GUIDE, 1991: The (old) Clash comparison carries through on the equally listenable Brighton Bomb (the American equivalent of Power of the Press), which actually contains a song addressed specifically to Strummer: "Joe Where Are You Now?" quotes assorted Clash tunes to make its point about punk traditionalism. As modern electric foiksingers, the Upstarts' unprepossessing but palatable musical approach may be excused in consideration of the lyrics' good intentions: simplicity is in direct proportion to the sincerity. Two appropriate non-originals ("Soldier" and Eric Bogle's "Greenfields of France") show a healthy broadening of scope and a fearless respect for folk music in all its many variants.

Additional Notes / Press Release

This is the US version of Power Of The Press.


Angelic Upstarts - Brighton Bomb - US LP 1987 (Chameleon - CHC 8603) Angelic Upstarts - Brighton Bomb - US LP 1987 (Chameleon - CHC 8603)

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