Anti Cimex

Anti Cimex

Formed: Gothenburg, Sweden

"You talk about the freedom
but we have no freedom
You talk about the rights
but we have no rights
This fucking system is liked a raped ass"

Named after a Swedish insecticide, Anti Cimex were obviously in thrall of Discharge, aping them throughout the '80s although, inevitably, moving inexorably towards the heavier end of heavy metal. Their early home-grown EPs Raped Ass (1983) and Victims Of A Bomb Raid (1984) didn't exactly break new ground but are infinitely more powerful and better played than most of the thrash records released at the time. I'm looking at you, Varukers! In fact, they smoke!

Returning in 1990 after a four-year split, Absolut Country Of Sweden was above average of its kind, with pristine production and a more refined metallic edge. For anybody into this stuff, it’s damn near essential, although the rougher, earlier EPs have the edge. Another LP, Scandinavian Jawbreaker, followed in 1993.



Singles & Albums / Extraneous Releases / Bootlegs / Various Artists

Subsequent studio albums: Absolut Country Of Sweden (1990), Scandinavian Jawbreaker (1993)

Anti Cimex - Anarkist Attack-EP Anarkist Attack - EP (7", 1981)

Anti Cimex - Raped Ass Raped Ass (7", 1983)

Anti Cimex - Victims Of A Bomb Raid Victims Of A Bomb Raid (7", 1984)

Anti Cimex - Anti-Cimex Anti-Cimex (12", 1986)

Extraneous Releases

Anti Cimex - Victims Of A/Raped Ass Victims Of A/Raped Ass (LP/CD, 1995)

Anti Cimex - The Records 81-86 The Records 81-86 (LP/CD, 2006)

Anti Cimex - Demos 81-85 Demos 81-85 (LP/CD, 2007)

Anti Cimex - Anti Cimex CDAnti-Cimex (CD, 2009)

Anti Cimex - 7 Inches7 Inches (Box Set, 2013)

Anti Cimex - Victims Of A Bomb Raid 3xCD Victims Of A Bomb Raid (3xCD, 2018)

Anti Cimex - Victims Of A Bomb Raid 1982-1984Victims Of A Bomb Raid 1982-1984 (LP)


Anti Cimex - Smell Of Silence Smell Of Silence (LP, 2004)


Various Artists

Really Fast Vol. 1 Sweden LP 1983 (Really Fast): Progeria Power / I Skuggan Er Vett Krig / Krossa NRP

Vägra För Helvete Sweden LP 1983 (Rosa Honung): Eibon / Heriondˆd

I Thrash, Therefore I Am US Tape 1985 (BCT): Straight To Hell / Wave Of Fear / Dead Struggle In A Burning Hell

Birkagården / Gärdet Sweden LP 1986 (Rosa Honung): Alarm

What You Doing About That Hole In Your Head? UK LP 1986 (Rot): Game Of The Arseholes

Afflicted Cries in the Darkness Of War Brazil LP 1986 (New Face). Includes all of the Victims Of A Bomb Raid EP



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