Formed: New York, USA

NYHC band who issued one EP, often cited as a classic, and promptly split.

They reformed for an album years later, which nobody liked because they "went metal", and vanished again.

They are linked with The Cro Mags and The Misfits

The EP is notably dodgy, lyrics wise, as 'Foreign Job Lot' attests:

"Aliens from another world
They come to U.S. for jobs
They open up their businesses
We're outside looking in...
What is the reason for this
Why it should fail to exist
When will this fucking bullshit end?"

Which brings me to 'Nazi Youth':

"A mind is filled with hate and greed
No time to realize it's needs
Nazi Youth - You're out of luck
The war is here, who gives a fuck?
No time to wallow in your pity"




Singles & Albums

Antidote - Thou Shalt Not Kill Thou Shalt Not Kill (7", 1983)

Antidote - Return 2 Burn Return 2 Burn (LP/CD, 1990)

Antidote N.Y.C. - Viva Los Pendejos Viva Los Pendejos (LP/CD, 1992)



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