Anti-Heros, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Formed: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

These Oisters from Atlanta set out to prove that the Yanks could do skinhead rock a lot better than we did it over here in the UK. And they partially succeeded: they may not have been as good as Cock Sparrer or The 4-Skins, but they were certainly better than 95% of the second generation Oi!/Street Rock dopes.

Only one release falls into the scope oft his work, their 1986 tape.

After two excellent UK-only albums for Link (That's Right! and Don't Tread On Me), the band split up, but reformed with a new line-up (including Mark Magee from Condemned 84 and The Glory) in 1992 for the Election Day 7" (GMM, 1992). They have been dogged by accusations of being right-wingers ever since, which the band has strenuously denied, eventually filing a lawsuit against a television program which featured an obese Nazi sporting an Anti-Heros tattoo. Songs like 'Porch Monkey' and covers of 'Rock N Roll Nigger' arouse suspicion, though.

Completely refusing to mellow out, their 1995 LP American Pie (on Taang!) features a song called 'Jerry Was A Piece Of Shit', and the hilarious 'Fuck Hollywood':

Fuck Sonny Bono and buttfuck Cher
Someone hit Geraldo with another chair
Fuck Michael Jackson and child molesters
Fuck Rock Hudson and Schwarzenegger
Fuck the actors at the presidential ball
Fuck Oprah and Arsenio Hall
Beat up the Beach Boys, those stupid pricks
Singing about women when they're sucking dick!

Since then they made two more albums and appear to have split up for good.




Subsequent studio albums: Underneath The Underground (1999) 1,000 Nights Of Chaos (2000).

Anti-Heros - The Anti-Heros Are HereThe Anti-Heros Are Here (Tape, 1986)



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