Formed: San Francisco, USA

Will Shatter's post Flipper project, recorded in 1986 with two members of Bad Posture and somebody else, their LP was never officially released (because Shatter OD'd in 1987) and is only available via bootlegs.

Here's the MySpace blurb:

A3i was an early to mid 80's SF band fronted by one of the most unique and talented poets in punk rock or rock and roll history Will Shatter. When the band formed Will was already a historic figure in punk rock having been in the great Negative Trend and the almighty Flipper. Take the great poet and mix in two parts from one of the most raw, powerful, hardcore punk bands of all time Bad Posture and you have the foundation for some fucked up, shit! With Emilio on bass, and Mike on drums you have the best of the fuckin best laying it down hard and fast or slow and heavy. Add in one young punk kid guitar player that didn't know shit and you have A3i. At the time when all the bands where going towards metal cross over - we were slowing it down, and rockin out. Like Flipper you loved it, or hated it and thought we sucked. A3i recorded an album Ruins Of America - plus some other stuff and we also toured - taking our drunkin rock on the road - led on the road by none other than Bob Noxious as driver and roadie. Talk about trouble! Today only Emilio and Joe survive - Both Will and Mike taken by Heroine I truly believe A3i songs contained some of Will's best lyrics - give them a listen.



Will Shatter - vocals
Mike M. - drums
Emilio Crixell - bass
Joe Dead - guitar




No ScanRuins Of America (LP, not released, 1987)




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