The Apostles - The 1st Demo

The Apostles - The 1st Demo

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UK Tape 1981 (Scum - SCUM ONE)

1 Erics Detachables
2 Some Men Are Born To Rule
3 Killing For Peace
4 Solidaridad Proletaria
5 New Crimes
6 Unknown
7 The New Subhumans
8 Hyde Park
9 Time Bomb
10 Indian Thing
11 Drop The Bomb
12 No Clear Future
13 Absolution Of Guilt
14 Anti-Christ
15 Pete The Plectrum
16 Hyde Park
17 ASocial Disease
18 The Stock Newington Eight
19 N.W.3
20 Unknown
21 The Uniform
22 God Is Dead

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Andy Martin - vocals
Pete Bynghall - guitar
Julian Portinari - bass
Dan MacKintyre - drums

Reviews & Opinions

KILL YOUR PET PUPPY: The first demo cassette was recorded by the band in a bedroom and released via the fanzine network and sold at the odd live performance by the band. It is not a studio release and should be treated as ‘historical’ interest only. the sound is raw, sometimes muddy Punk Rock, recorded at different levels, sometimes through one speaker (at least on my cassette - maybe I have had a dud all these years?). There are some decent attempts of songs like ’Drop The Bomb’ and ‘Stoke Newington Eight’ but most of the cassette is pretty Rough stuff to listen to. Would suggest this tape is for ‘experienced’ Apostles audiophiles only…If this is your first Apostles experience then turn it off and listen to ‘Libertarian Propaganda’ or ‘Punk Obituary’ instead (somewhere else on this site) absorb these releases mentioned and play them over and over and then later, much later, return to this release!" Click here for full article & download etc.

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