The Apostles - The Giving Of Love Costs Nothing

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UK 7” 1984 (Scum - SCUM 4)

1 Pig Violence
2 Our Mother The Earth, Our Father The Sky
3 Kill Or Cure
4 Rock Against Communism
5 Drowning In The Sea Of Life
6 Punk Squat

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JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #15: JULY 1984: Right, the APOSTLES have released two new self-produced EPs, one with highly intelligent rants ("The Curse..."), the other with both sensible and very misguided rants ("The Giving..."). But since we've given them space elsewhere in this issue to their sometimes inconsistent views, I'll concentrate on the music here. They have a droning, mid-tempo punkish attack with primitive two-chord guitar and half-spoken, half-sung vocals, sort of like SIX MINUTE WAR's old garagy, semi-experimental style. Some of the more basic numbers click (such as "Our Mother the Earth..."); others meander about too much and don't do much for me.

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