The Apostles - Punk Obituary

The Apostles - Punk Obituary

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UK LP 1986 (Mortarhate - MORT 23)

1 Oh, Death
2 Thalidomide
3 The Patient
4 Breaking Barriers
5 Workers' Autonomy (Part One)
6 Workers' Autonomy (Part Two)
7 On Patrol
8 The Thrive Alive Jive
9 Mister Missed Her
10 Daze Of The Weak
11 The Sword
12 New Face In N16
13 The Hunt (The Liberators March)
14 The Hunt (The Victims Lament)
15 The Hunt (The Saboteurs Revenge)
16 62 Brougham Road (Part One)
17 62 Brougham Road (Part Two)
18 Deus Creator Omnium

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TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #36, MAY 1986: Finally, their first LP (after five 7"ers), and they continue with their scaringly personal and honest lyrics and liner notes, but the music itself (offbeat as ever) has toned down considerably, to the point of being almost folk. With this band, though, it's their wordage and politics that matter, so...

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The Apostles - Punk Obituary - UK LP 1986 (Mortarhate - MORT 23) The Apostles - Punk Obituary - UK LP 1986 (Mortarhate - MORT 23)


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