The Apostles - Topics For Discussion - 4th Demo

The Apostles - Topics For Discussion - 4th Demo

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UK Tape 1982 (Scum - no cat no)

1 Skin Deep
2 After The Fact
3 The Scream
4 Red Vote Poll Etc
5 We Buy A Hammer For Anne
6 Rediffusion Refugee
7 Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Plug In Your Synthasizer
8 Hello John
9 Nai Zindagi Naya Jeevan
10 Chalet En Colere
11 1980’s
12 Untitled
13 Fucking Queer

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Anne Martin - vocals, guitar, bass, recorder, keyboards, tapes+ production
Dave Fanning - vocals, bass, guitar, recorder, tapes, all artwork
Also assisting on this tape are:
John Soares - guitar, vocals
Dan D. Lion - drums
Kev Bass - drums

Topics For Discussion is the 4th demo tape by The Apostles & was recorded by Anne on 11/8/82. This tape marks the departure of John & Mart; the material here combines sadness at losing them both but inspired hope at the interesting possibilities ahead of us with the new material, some of which appears on this demo. Rock Against Racism/Rot All Rulers.

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