Formed: Watford, Hertfordshire, England, UK


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Singles & Albums / Various Artists

Argy Bargy - Drink Drugs And Football Thugs Drink Drugs And Football Thugs (LP/CD, 1995)

Argy Bargy / Beerzone - Heroes Of The Third Half Heroes Of The Third Half (7", split with Beerzone, 2000)

Argy Bargy - Songs From The Street Songs From The Street (CD, 2002)

Argy Bargy / Discipline - 100% Thug Rock 100% Thug Rock (LP/CD, split with Discipline, 2004)

Argy Bargy / Goldblade - No Regrets / Jukebox Generation No Regrets / Jukebox Generation (7", split with Goldblade, 2008)

Argy Bargy - The Likes Of Us The Likes Of Us (LP/CD, 2008)

T.H.U.G. / Argy Bargy - SplitT.H.U.G. / Argy Bargy (7", split, 2011)

Argy Bargy - Hopes, Dreams, Lies & Schemes Hopes, Dreams, Lies & Schemes (LP/CD, 2012)

Various Artists

Addicted To Oi! UK CD 2002 (Captain Oi!): My Life

Oi! Across The World Argentina CD 2004 (Street Dogs): Life Moves On



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