Attrix (Brighton, England

Formed: Brighton, England, UK

Purveyors of catchy punk with a slightly arty edge, Attrix (not to be confused with The Atrix from Northern Ireland) gigged locally in Brighton during 1977 and 1978 and released one excellent single, Lost Lenoré. In addition to playing Velvets/Dolls-inspired rock, they also dabbled in a bit of reggae, too. They were originally known as Gerry & The Attrix.

Lead vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Rick Blair worked at the Brighton and Hove Community Resource Centre, which was the headquarters of the local punk/squatter movement, and he released Lost Lenoré on his own label, Attrix, which itself grew out of the record shop he ran with his wife Julie. Attrix (the label) went onto release many interesting efforts by other Brighton acts, including The Piranhas, The Chefs, The Dodgems and Birds With Ears, as well as three scene samplers. The first of these samplers was Vaultage 78 - Two Sides Of Brighton, which featured Blair's post-Attrix outfit The Parrots.

Colin Murray (also later in the Parrots) and Paul Clark (later in Nicky & the Dots and the shite Pookiesnackenburger) were also members of Attrix in 1977. And could Mark Duxbury be the same Mark Duxbury who wrote 'It's A Big Big Beautiful World', which was released in 1983 by The West Hampstead Ladies Keep Fit Class?


Members, at various times:

Rick Blair (RIP 1999, aged 52) - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Chris Towsey - drums
Mark Duxbury - bass, vocals
Paul Clark - keyboards
Colin Murray - bass


Singles & Albums

Attrix - Lost LenoréLost Lenoré (7", 1978)

Various Artists

The Attrix Tapes UK Tape 1981 (Attrix): Electric Shock Treatment

Gimme That Punk Junk UK CDR ???? (Get Bacque): Lost Lenoré

Optimism / Reject (UK D-I-Y Punk and Post-Punk 1977-1981) UK 4xCD Box Set 2019 (Cherry Red): Hard Times



The Punk History of Brighton Bands


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