Formed: New York, USA

"When Teenage Jesus & The Jerks was exhausted and documented, which is my entire point for anything – documentation – I formed Beirut Slump. I met a brother-and-sister tag-wrestling team from Florida who were as close to inbred hillbillies as I could find, and I decided they needed a band.”
– Lydia Lunch, Record Collector. November 1993

A continuation of Lydia Lunch’s fearsome noise experiments, this effort lasted long enough to play four gigs (the first as Belfast Ghetto) and release one single, which was precisely one more single than her subsequent musical endeavour, the Devil Dogs, managed. Fans might enjoy this tuneless, brooding dirge, she doesn't even sing; that honour goes to the bored-sounding Bobby Swope. I'd advise you avoid it like the plague. Another classic, then! More Slump stuff can be heard on Lunch’s Hysterie compilation.



Bobby Berkowitz AKA Bobby Swope - vocals
Lydia Lunch - guitar
Jim Sclavunos - drums
Liz Swope - bass
Vivienne Dick- organ




Beirut Slump - Try Me Try Me (7", 1979)

Extraneous Releases

Lydia Lunch - HysterieHysterie (2xLP/CD, by Lydia Lunch, 1986)

Teenage Jesus & The Jerks / Beirut Slump - Shut Up And BleedShut Up And Bleed (CD, split with Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, 2008)


Sex VoodooSex Voodoo (Early Recordings 1978-1982) (LP, as Lydia Lunch, 1990s?)




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