Black Flag - Demos 1982

Black Flag - Demos 1982

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Mexico LP 2016 (Suicida Discos - SUI15)

1 What Can You Believe
2 Yes, I Know
3 Slip It In
4 Modern Man
5 My War
6 Black Coffee
7 Beat My Head
8 I Can't Decide
9 I Love You
10 Nothing Left Inside
11 Scream [not credited]

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Chuck Dukowski - bass
Chuck Biscuits - drums
Dez Cadena - guitar
Greg Ginn - guitar
Henry Rollins - vocals

Additional Credits

Recorded 1982

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Recorded in secret in the midst of legal wranglings with Unicorn, this is notable as the only recording of the brief five-man Black Flag lineup featuring Chuck Biscuits on drums. Sound quality is better than most bootlegs you'll ever hear and the performances are raw.

Additional Notes

Yet another bootleg of these demos.


Black Flag - Demos 1982 - Mexico LP 2016 (Suicida Discos - SUI15) Black Flag - Demos 1982 - Mexico LP 2016 (Suicida Discos - SUI15)

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