The Blood - Megalomania

The Blood - Megalomania

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UK 7" 1983 (No Future - Oi 22)

1 Megalomania
2 Parasite In Paradise
3 Calling The Shots

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 6, 10 wks


Cardinal Jesus Hate - vocals
J.J. Bedsore - guitars, vocals
Muttly - bass
Dr Wildthing - drums
Frankie Flame - piano and synthesizer

Produced by Frankie Flame
Engineer: John 'Magoo' Mcgowan

Reviews & Opinions

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #6, MAY/JUNE 1983: The BLOOD may not be geniuses, but their debut A-side rises from the morass of Oi-punk and delivers a breakneck attack on religious excesses, complete with classical piano intro and flailing guitar riffs. While it's good, the two tracks on the B-side are completely unnotable aside from their fast tempo and hard guitar sound. Still, It's quite recommendable.

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The Blood - Megalomania - UK 7" 1983 (No Future - Oi 22)The Blood - Megalomania - UK 7" 1983 (No Future - Oi 22)

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