Formed: San Francisco, California, USA




Subsequent studio albums: Jacked Up Urban Modified (1995).

Singles & Albums

Breakouts - In Vagueness DealIn Vagueness Deal (7", 1979)

Breakouts - Waiting For The ChangeWaiting For The Change (7", 1980)

Breakouts - No MoreNo More (7", 1983)

Various Artists

Bored Of Directors Germany Tape 1986 (eMpTy): Start Now

Tour De Farce #2 Germany Tape 1987 (eMpTy): Wart Outside

Back To Front Vol 6 Germany LP 1995 (Incognito): Waiting For A Change

Killed By Death #9 US LP 1995 (Redrum): In Vagueness Deal

Killed By 7 Inch #5 US 7" (Redrum): Trouble




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