Carnage Bexhill On SeaCARNAGE

Formed: Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex, England, UK

Paul Rubbish - Vocals
Steve - Drums
Grant - Bass
Colin - Guitar, vocals
Rhubarb - Vocals
Jake - Lead Guitar
Sidney Vayne - Rhythm Guitar
Leechie Smith - Bass
Mental - Drums (Gam - Vocals on 'Dismal')
Andy 'Hu' "Halitosis" Hutchins - Vocals
Chris Makin - Drums
'Rusky' Russell - Drums




Singles & Albums

Carnage - Beautiful CarnageBeautiful Carnage (Tape, 1982)

Carnage - All The Sad People All The Sad People (7", 1983)

Carnage - Liars And HypocritesLiars And Hypocrites (7", 1984)

Carnage - Face The FactsFace The Facts (LP, 1984)

Carnage - Our Life In Their HandsOur Life In Their Hands (7", 1985)

Carnage - May The Farce Be With You!May The Farce Be With You! (LP, 1985)

Various Artists

Bullshit Detector Three UK 2xLP 1984 (Crass): Carnage

We Don't Want Your Fucking Law! UK LP 1985 (Fight Back): Disarm Or Die?

What, No Meat? ?? Tape ???? (Massakre Therapy Punk Tapes): Vivisecting Bastards






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