The Clash - Bankrobber

The Clash - Bankrobber UK 7"

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1980 (CBS - S CBS 8323)

The Clash
1 Bankrobber 4:33
Dread At The Controls
2 Rockers Galore..... UK Tour 4:3

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 12, 10 wks


Produced by Mickey Dread

Additional Credits

Joe Strummer - vocals, guitar, backing vocals, piano
Mick Jones - guitar, backing vocals, sound effects
Paul Simonon - bass
Topper Headon - drums
Mick Gallagher - ARP synthesizer
Mickey Dread - backing vocals, lead vocals on 'Rockers Galore..... UK Tour'
Recorded February 1980, Pluto Studios, Manchester

Reviews & Opinions

DAVID HEPWORTH, SMASH HITS, AUGUST 22 - SEPTEMBER 3, 1980: The much argued over and long delayed Clash single turns out to be what the Hack In A Hurry might call Gothic Reggae, with a flexible swaying rhythm and a vocal which finds Joe Strummer at his most vulnerable and wearisome. The sentiments may be the familiar Clash muddle, exposed in this case by the fact that they can actually be heard, but the moaning hook line in the distance and some cleverly introduced buzzing noises make it a likeable and fairly durable addition to an honourable catalogue. They sound more human all the time.

Additional Notes

B-Side credited to Dread At The Controls.


The Clash - Bankrobber - UK 7" 1980 (CBS - S CBS 8323)The Clash - Bankrobber - UK 7" 1980 (CBS - S CBS 8323

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