The Clash - The Call Up

The Clash - The Call Up

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1980 (CBS - S CBS 9339)

1 The Call Up 5:25
2 Stop The World 2:31


US 12" 1981 (Epic - 48-02036)

1 The Call Up 4:50
2 The Cool Out 2:57
3 The Magnificent Dance 5:36
4 The Magnificent Seven 2:16

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 40, 6 wks



Produced by Bill Price and Clash
Engineered by Jeremy Green



Produced by The Clash

Additional Credits

Joe Strummer - lead guitar, lead vocals
Mick Jones - lead guitars, backing vocals, sound effects
Norman Watt-Roy - bass, backing vocals
Topper Headon - drums, backing vocals
Ivan Julian - additional guitar on 'The Call Up'

Reviews & Opinions

RONNIE GURR, SMASH HITS, 11TH DECEMBER 1980: On which The Clash prove they really are the failure creeps you suspected all along. Gentle Egyptian reggae with Joe Strummer doing a passable impersonation of Barry Manilow. Choirs of angels, glockenspiels and generally, the works. This MOR masterpiece is only shop soiled by the fact that the chaps insist in shouting, "Hup, two, three, four, we love the Marine Corps". Should inveigle its way onto the U.S. chart thus proving itself truly subversive. What next? A triple album named after an obscure Nicaraguan guerilla organisation. Now there's an idea...

PAUL MORLEY, NME, 6TH DECEMBER 1980: The Clash are in all ways 'Americanised'. The way they've developed is a true curiosity. With the general shifts in moods and desires that are going on, The Clash are already old-fashioned. Too stuck inside a political phase, too wrapped-up in those used-up myths. A set of passions I can't get to grips with: an act, an art that I can 'appreciate' now and then, like an episode of Little House On The Prairie. The Clash have drifted into the doldrums., They've established themselves, but their continual refusal to appear on Top Of The Pops is significant. 'Call Up' sounds like a lost album track, proud and bravely cheerless but lost in the murk, and B-Side 'Stop The World', a brooding, melting plea for sanity, sounds strictly laid back. It doesn't seem right for the times. They care so much, but seem so lost.

PUNKY GIBBON: Regarding the US 12"" 'The Call Up' is a 4.50 edit apparently; 'The Cool Out' is a dub version of 'The Call Up'. 'The Magnificent Seven' is a "special remix" clocking at 2:16; 'The Magnificent Dance' is the same version as on the UK 12" The Magnificent Seven single.

Additional Notes

A-Side from Sandinista!. B-Side is new. The US 12" single came with two label designs: the roulette wheel one, and a dreary generic Epic design. Paul Simonon does not actually play on this release.


The Clash - The Call Up - UK 7" 1980 (CBS - S CBS 9339)The Clash - The Call Up - UK 7" 1980 (CBS - S CBS 9339)

UK 7" 1980 (CBS - S CBS 9339). Click here for more

The Clash - The Call Up - US 12" 1981 (Epic - 48-02036)The Clash - The Call Up - US 12" 1981 (Epic - 48-02036)

US 12" 1981 (Epic - 48-02036). Click here for more


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