The Clash - Complete Control

The Clash - Complete Control

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1977 (CBS - S CBS 5664)

1 Complete Control 3:10
2 City Of The Dead 2:24

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit: 28, 2 wks


1: Produced by Lee Perry and Micky Foote
2: Produced by Micky Foote

Additional Credits

Joe Strummer - vocals, guitar
Mick Jones - guitar, backing vocals
Paul Simonon - bass
Topper Headon - drums
Gary Barnacle - saxophone on 'City Of The Dead'

Recorded July 1977 at Sarm East Studios, Whitechapel. Engineered by Mickey Foote

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Their first effort with new boy Topper, this is a superlative Lee Perry production, but there's no reggae feel to it. Actually, you can't be sure what Perry has done, but the sound is fuller and punchier than on previous records. One of the greatest opening riffs ever and a second half full of demented Strummer ranting over a barrage of controlled chaos; this is terrific. Strong contender for best A-Side of all time, if you ask me. Nice B-Side, too, with great sax solo.

Additional Notes

'City Of The Dead' is listed as 'The City Of The Dead' on the labels


The Clash - Complete Control UK 7" 1977 (CBS - S CBS 5664)The Clash - Complete Control UK 7" 1977 (CBS - S CBS 5664) Back

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