The Clash - Remote Control

The Clash - Remote Control

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1977 (CBS - S CBS 5293)

1 Remote Control 3:00
2 London's Burning 2:20

Chart Placings



Remote Control and London's mono...for the first time

1: Taken from the LP The Clash S 82000. Produced by Micky Foote
2: Produced by Micky Foote

Additional Credits

Joe Strummer - vocals, guitar
Mick Jones - guitar, vocals
Paul Simonon - bass
Tory Crimes - drums

1: Recorded February 1977, London.
2: Recorded "live" in Dunstable, April 1977

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: One of the "slow" songs on the first LP, this was issued without consulting the band and was their only single not to chart in the UK. Many people don't rate this, presumably because it's not very fast, but I can't see anything wrong with it: great football terrace riffs, Strummer and Jones coming up with a complementary vocal arrangement, a super catchy chorus and funny lyrics ("Repression - I am a dalek!") You also get a really rough mono version of London's Burning on the flipside which is an absolute joy to listen to.

DANNY BAKER, SNIFFIN' GLUE #10, June 1977: I spose for us mob the B side is the A side, if ya see what I mean. Anyrate [sic] it's out.

Additional Notes

The promo substitutes the mono version of 'London's Burning' for the stereo version i.e. the same track that appears on The Clash.


The Clash - Remote Control UK 7" 1977 (CBS - S CBS 5293)The Clash - Remote Control  UK 7" 1977 (CBS - S CBS 5293) Back

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