Elvis & Friends - Visit Washington

Elvis Costello & Friends - Visit Washington

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Australia 2xLP 1979 (Phoenix – 44779)

1 Pump It Up
2 Waiting Till The End Of The World
3 No Action
4 Less Than Zero
5 The Beat
6 Red Shoes
7 I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea
8 Hand In Hand (I Don't Want To Apologize)
9 Little Triggers
10 Radio, Radio
11 You Belong To Me
12 Lipstick Vogue
13 Watching The Detectives
14 Mystery Dance
15 Miracle Man
16 Blame It On Cane [sic]
17 Final Solution
18 Down, Down, Down
19 I Knew The Bride
20 Deborah
21 Breaking Glass (with Nick Lowe)
22 Let It Ride (with Keith Richards)
23 Heart Of The City

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Nick Lowe - vocals on 'Breaking Glass'
Keith Richards - guitar on 'Let It Ride'

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Bootleg. 'Final Solution' is an early version of 'Chemistry Class'. This is same bootleg as Elvis Goes To Washington And Dave Edmunds And Rockpile Don't.


Elvis Costello & Friends - Visit Washington - Australia 2xLP 1979 (Phoenix – 44779)Elvis Costello & Friends - Visit Washington - Australia 2xLP 1979 (Phoenix – 44779)

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