Crass - Conway Hall

Crass - Conway Hall

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UK LP 2010 (Hardcore - HCR001)

1 Asylum
2 Mother
3 What Have They Got?
4 Banned From The Roxy
5 Chairman Of The Board
6 They Got A Bomb
7 What Do You Want?
8 Angels
9 What A Shame
10 So What
11 G's Song
12 Do They Owe Us A Living?
13 Encore: They've Got A Bomb

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Recorded live at Conway Hall, Holburn, London 26/5/79

Additional Credits

Steve Ignorant - vocals
Eve Libertine - vocals on 'Asylum'
Pete Wright - bass, vocals on 'What Do You Want?'
Phil Free - lead guitar
N.A. Palmer - rhythm guitar
Penny Rimbaud - drums

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Additional Notes

Bootleg on white or black vinyl.


Crass - Conway Hall - UK LP 2010 (Hardcore - HCR001)Crass - Conway Hall - UK LP 2010 (Hardcore - HCR001)

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