Formed: Long Beach, Southern California, USA



Singles & Albums

The Crewd! - Gather 'RoundGather 'Round (LP, 1983)

Various Artists

You Cant Argue With Sucksess US LP 1982 (Mystic): Shit / Bobby Sands / Little Boy Blue

When Men Were Men... And Sheep Were Scared US LP 1985 (Bemisbrain): Audubon Baby / Lady Of The Night

High Road To Obscurity - Vol 1: Dredging Up The Dregs US CD 2000 (Grand Theft Audio): Little Boy Blue

The Sound Of: Long Beach And Orange County US CD 2006 (Mystic): Shit / Bobby Sands / Little Boy Blue

Hyped To Death #6 : American Indie Punk "C" 1977-85 US CDR ???? (Hyped To Death): Every Mother's Dream




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