Dead Kennedys - Classic Traxx

Dead Kennedys - Classic Traxx

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Germany CD 1995 (Shinola - SH 69048)

1 Chemical Warfare
2 Forest Fire
3 Hellnation
4 Nazi Punks Fuck Off / Too Drunk To Fuck
5 This Could Be Anywhere
6 We've Got A Bigger Problem Now
7 Goons Of Hazzard
8 Gone With My Wind
9 A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch
10 When Ya Get Drafted / Soup Is Good Food
11 MTV Get Off The Air / Macho-Rama
12 Do The Slag
13 Macho Rama
14 One Way Ticket To Pluto / California Über Alles
15 Chicken Farm
16 Triumph Of The Swill
17 A Commercial / Bleed For Me

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All Traxx Recorded Live In USA 1985

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