Dead Kennedys - London

Dead Kennedys - London

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UK CDR 2009 (Supersonic Scientists - SS 0100)

1 Jello Intro
2 Bleed For Me
3 Keypone Factory
4 Forward To Death
5 Dog Bite
6 Life Sentence
7 Trust Your Mechanic
8 Moral Majority
9 Man With The Dogs
10 Halloween
11 We've Got A Bigger Problem Now
12 Nazi Punks Fuck Off
13 Too Drunk To Fuck
14 When Ya Get Drafted
15 Rawhide

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Additional Credits

Jello Biafra - voice
East Bay Ray - guitar
Klaus Flouride - bass, vocals
D.H. Peligro - drums

Recorded at the Central London Poly, 26/11/1982

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Additional Notes

Bootleg, certainly NOT released on Alternative Tentacles! Previously released as Life Sentence.


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