Formed: Dundee, Scotland, UK

Very minor release from one of Scotland's first punk bands. This is more R&B than pure punk, with Gus McKenzie overdoing the attempt at an American accent accent while failing to shock with puerile lyrics about having a swift one off the wrist. According to Punk 77: "Interestingly their next proposed single - Blow Job / Gonorrhoea Go-Go - continued the sexual theme but was never released."

Here are a some quotes (typos and all) from the Retrodundee blogspot:

"This is is ronnie jack here, the drummer with drive at that time. i was asked to go through to edinburgh along with fellow musicians ron neish, bruce money, and bob, and gus mcfarlane. gus had written this song to get in on the then punk scene. i had not idea of the lyrics and thought it sounded a bit stonesish, but was amazed when i found out that i had drummed a track with reference to lyrics of a sexual nature. we got publicity in the press, i think it was the journal, the headling read like. " banned punks cut own sex single". it was selling like hotcakes at bruces dundee reform street, and we hadnt even gigged. so, it was suggested we do a gig in marryat hall to promote it. the penetrations were the support band. we went down a storm, with ron neish biting his guitar lead in two, me wearing a too small jacket with torn vest. etc. and the audience spraying the stage with lager cans that had been just shaken. my interest in it waned and so did the others when we saw the headling about losing our jobs. to tell you the truth iwas still heavily into earth wind and fire and george benson. i resigned and so did the others, then we split up completely and that was the end of the drive. i still have the single to this day. and yes i am still gigging bank bar , bond etc, with blueshouse , 4 candles etc. ronnie jack., or ronny jack as im named here".

"And I'm Bob Phillips, aka Rob MacKillop (it's a long story). I haven't heard that track since 1977, so it was great to hear it here. Forgot I was playing slide - not bad. Certainly not punk. Gus wrote the song, and he was a Stones nut. We've all moved in different directions from those days. Don't remember much about it, just lots of alcohol. Don't miss it at all! Great to hear the song again, though."

"Roger Paterson here this really does take me back like Bob I haven’t heard this track since 1977, its quite strange listening again after all this time, and to be honest it still sounds as fresh and raw as it did back then. Glad to hear Bob & Ronnie seem to be doing all right, wonder who’ll be next to drop a line maybe even Gus himself?"

"And I'm Derek High...played bass with The Drive (Gus, Bob and a drummer from Cupar, I think) towards the end of their existence, our last gig possibly being in St. Andrews University. No idea when that Bob said, alcohol was being consumed. Loved Bob's guitar playing!"

Bruce Money - "I played bass on the record. It was reviewed in the Sunday Mail under "Banned Punks Cut Own Sex Single". I still have the article. Ronnie Jack 'phoned me the same day concerned that his aunty might read it, since we were named. We were neither banned nor punks. Bruce Money, Exhibition, The Hot Club, Poker Alice, Crawler, Exhibition again reformed. New CD "ATE" available for download from iTunes, Amazon, Zune. Videos on You Tube.



Gus McKenzie - vocals
Ron Neish - guitar
Bob Phillips - guitar
Roger Patterson - bass
Ron Jack - drums

Bruce Money - bass
Derek High - bass



Singles & Albums

The Drive - JerkinJerkin (7", 1977)


Various Artists

Streets UK LP 1977 (Beggars Banquet): Jerkin'

Short Sharp Shock UK CD 1996 (Overground): Jerkin' / Push 'N' Shove

Kilt By Death: The Sound Of Old Scotland (1977-1984) ?? 2xCD 2005 (no label): Jerkin'



Punk '77 - Drive page


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