Ebenezer & The Bludgeons

Ebenezer & The Bludgeons

Formed: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

David "Ebenezer" Davison - vocals
Tim LeBrun - guitar
Paul Landsman - guitar
Dave Arscott - bass
Rocco De Witt - drums

Possibly Baltimore's first punk band, and a good one, with one excellent EP to their name. Singer David 'Ebenezer' Davison subsequently warbled for neo-psych/garage band United States Of Existence (1978-1987) and powerpop/rock outfit The Jigsaw Seen (1988-present).



Singles & Albums

Ebenezer & The Bludgeons - Peer PressurePeer Pressure (7", 1978)

Various Artists

Killed By Death #3 (Raw Rare Punk Rock 77-82) US LP/CD 1989 (Redrum): Oh I Love This Weather

Killed By Death #12 US LP/CD 1996 (Redrum): Weekend Nazi

Killed By Death #18 US LP 1998 (Redrum): Fake



Vice - Short interview with Paul Landsman


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