The Ed Davis BandThe Ed Davis Band

Formed: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

1977 style punk US band. The Ed Davis Band didn't always sound like punks because there was an arty influence, but when they went all-out punk they did it really well, as on the classic 'Asshole'.

Formed in 1976 by University of Cincinnati students Mike Enright and Byron Stevens, like Eddie & The Hot Rods there was no Ed in the The Ed Davis Band: the name was apparently chosen because it meant nothing. They made their debut in Winter '76 at the university, playing cover versions, but soon began writing their own often calculated to shock material, and played invite-only shows at the downtown loft they owned.

After their 7" single - probably the first ever single to have an "Oi! Oi! Oi" chorus - they underwent a major lineup shift, with Byron leaving, Enright switching to bass and a woman named Fran Slater joining on lead vocals/keyboards, but they split before the new decade, playing their final show in June '79.


Lineup 1:

Mike Enright - vocals
Byron "Skyron" Stevens - guitar
Bob Cotter - bass
Curt Gary - drums

Lineup 2:

Fran Slater - vocals, keyboards
Bob Cotter - guitar
Mike Enright - bass
Curt Gary - drums



Singles & Albums

The Ed Davis Band - Keith Richards' Dead 7"Keith Richards' Dead (7", 1978)

Extraneous Releases

The Ed Davis Band - Keith Richards' Dead LPKeith Richards' Dead (LP, 2010)

Various Artists

Brainkiller: Lost Punk Hits From The Americas 1977-1982 US LP 1999 (no label): Asshole [bootleg]

We Were Living In Cincinnati: Punk And Underground Sounds From Ohio's Queen City (1975-1982) US LP 2019 (HoZac/Shake It! - HZR-210): Asshole





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