The Effigies - For Ever Grounded

The Effigies - For Ever Grounded

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US LP 1984 (Ruthless/Enigma - E 1056)

1 Smile!
2 A Tight And Blue Cut
3 Silent Burn
4 Patternless
5 What's The Beat
6 The Infiltrator
7 Hand Signs
8 Rather See None
9 Coarse In Vain
10 Mob Clash
11 Something That...

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John Kezdy - lyrics and vocals
Paul Zamost - bass
Earl Letiecq - guitars
Steve Economou - drums, percussion, Herman the Machine on Hand Signs

Engineered by Scott "Pre-mix" Stienman, assisted by Sam Fishkin. Thanks.
All songs produced by The Effigies and Scott Stienman .
Recorded at Studiomedia in Evensson, IL.

Reviews & Opinions

JEFF BALE, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #14, JULY 1984: On this album, the EFFIGIES continue to develop musically, though not everyone will view this development positively. The material here is pretty diverse. Most of it has a post-punky feel and emphasizes Earl's metallic guitar playing; only a few songs are in the traditional EFFIGIES vein ("Patternless", "Rather See None", etc .). I personally prefer these latter, but the other cuts have grown on me with repeated listens.

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The Effigies - For Ever Grounded - US LP 1984 (Ruthless/Enigma - E 1056) The Effigies - For Ever Grounded - US LP 1984 (Ruthless/Enigma - E 1056)

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