Electric Deads

Formed: Denmark, Europe

Electric Deads


Hardcore punk band which existed between Autumn 1981 and Summer 1984, with female lead vocals shrieked in English (not that you could tell without a lyric sheet) by Bibi Blomstrøm, who seemed completely talentless on their first EP but by the time of the Mind Bomb EP it was obvious she could actually hold a tune. Their most famous song was 'Fish In A Pool', a tuneless rant, because it appeared on Maximumrocknroll's international punk compilation, Welcome To 1984. (An earlier version of said song appeared on their debut EP.)

Recording Lineup:

Bibi Blomstrøm - vocals
Kevin Andreasson - guitar, vocals
Nils Normann - bass
Michael Mortensen - drums

After Electric Deads, Blomstrøm and Mortensen formed another Danish punk band, Misanthropic Charity, who recorded a self-titled LP in 1986.



Singles & Albums

Electric Deads - Electric DeadsElectric Deads (7", 1982)

Electric Deads - Anti-Sex EPAnti-Sex EP (7", 1982)

Electric Deads - Mind Bomb EPMind Bomb EP (7", 1983)

Various Artists

Welcome To 1984 US LP 1984 (Maximumrocknroll): Fish In A Pool

Complication - A Danish Compilation (Bondeskiver): Fish In A Pool

Bloodstains Across Denmark LP 1997 (Bloodstains): Zig Zag / Fish In A Pool / Locked Doors / 30 Years





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