Faction - You've Got The Fire

Faction - You've Got The Fire

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UK 7" 1984 (Bluurg - Fish 7)

1 Intro
2 Blinded By The Dark
3 Turn Away
4 Drowning

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Mel - vocals
Paul - guitar/b. vocals
Robbit - bass
Neil - keyboards
Marti Cosmos - drums

Recorded at Southern Studios in Oct. '83
Produced by Bruce, Dick, Faction.
Engineered by Rob Ash and Barry Sage

Reviews & Opinions

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLLĀ #18, OCTOBER 1984: FACTION reminds me of a cross between early-vintage SIOUXSIE and the A-HEADS, and the themes here address issues of personal politics. "Turn Away" contains a pleasantly pop-punk ambience, though none of the songs cover any new ground with much authority or power. A fair, basic release.

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Faction - You've Got The Fire - UK 7" 1984 (Bluurg - Fish 7)Faction - You've Got The Fire - UK 7" 1984 (Bluurg - Fish 7)

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