Patrik Fitzgerald - Backstreet Boys

Patrik Fitzgerald - Backstreet Boys

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UK 7" 1978 (Small Wonder - SMALL 6)

1 Buy Me Sell Me 1:04
2 The Little Dippers 2:04
3 Trendy 1:09
4 Backstreet Boys 3:48

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All songs written by Patrik Fitzgerald
Produced by Pete
Engineered by Nick Gomm

Recorded at Very Technical Studios on my birthday
Happy birthday to me

Additional Credits

Patrik Fitzgerald - vocals, guitar

Reviews & Opinions

IAN BIRCH, MELODY MAKER MAY 20TH 1978: He is a genuine original as his first effort, "Safety Pin Through Your [sic] Heart," showed. This is also well up to standard: four tracks which burst with compassion, wit and the whole world about him. Great lyrics mould a sharp commentary on all the emotions you go through when a street hassle threatens. This is meant in the best way possible but Patrik, in several ways, is carrying on what Bowie began in his Man-who-sold-the-world phase.

Additional Notes

Cat no is small six on labels.


Patrik Fitzgerald - Backstreet Boys - UK 7" 1978 (Small Wonder - SMALL 6)Patrik Fitzgerald - Backstreet Boys - UK 7" 1978 (Small Wonder - SMALL 6)

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