Patrik Fitzgerald - Gifts And Telegrams

Patrik Fitzgerald - Gifts And Telegrams

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UK LP 1982 (Red Flame - RF8)

1 One Little Soldier
2 Exist
3 Personal Loss
4 Travel Through Dark Though Scented Country
5 Grey Echoes
6 World Is Getting Better
7 Solve
8 My Death
9 Work
10 Gifts And Telegrams
11 Punch
12 Island Of Lost Souls

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Grey Echoes was recorded at Pet Sounds by Simon Maine
Island Of Lost Souls was recorded at Blackwing Studio by John Fryer and Eric Radcliffe
The remainder were recorded and played at home by Patrik Fitzgerald with vocals added at Pathway Studio by Chris Stone

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Reviews & Opinions

NEIL TENNANT, SMASH HITS, NOVEMBER 1982: "I say life is pointless, worthless and meaningless": Patrick [sic] Fitzgerald's records have never been cheerful experiences, although he does have an ironic sense of humour. He now plays a little Casino synthesizer as well as his guitar and produces some simple, aching songs given a grim momentum by his apparent despair. Other tracks, however, just irritate with their fourth form "poetry" and musical doodling. A patchy LP but worth a listen. (5 out of 10).

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Patrik Fitzgerald - Gifts And Telegrams - UK LP 1982 (Red Flame - RF8)Patrik Fitzgerald - Gifts And Telegrams - UK LP 1982 (Red Flame - RF8)

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