Patrik Fitzgerald / Annie Clarke - The Individual Spoke...

Patrik Fitzgerald / Annie Clarke - The Individual Spoke...

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UK 7" Flexi 1982 (no label - no cat no no)

1 Patrik Fitzgerald - Personal Loss
2 Annie Clarke - Lovers Audition

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A Riot Stories Production
All music by Patrik Fitzgerald

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ACCORIDNG TO THIS SITE (where the image came from): "This flexie [sic] came with a number of Paul Weller's "Riot Stories" fanzine. I (Vidar) threw away the magazine itself years ago, trying to tidy up my life I guess. This is probably the only Ghosts of Individuals release. The 'Personal Loss' version here is slightly different than the single/lp one. Sounds like a demo. A different version of the "The Lovers Audition" appears on Anne Clark's 'Changing Places' which is a collaboration with Vini Reilly (The Durutti Column) and David Harrow (Ghosts of Individuals member).

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