Gang Of Four - Anthrax Marxists

Gang Of Four - Anthrax Marxists

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UK LP 1980 (Democracy - DR 002)

1 New Entertainment
2 Not Great Men
3 Anthrax
4 Factory
5 Contract
6 Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time
7 Armatrite Rifle
8 Damaged Goods
One & One
9 Part Of This
10 At Home He Feels Like A Tourist
11 Natural's Not In It
12 Return The Gift
13 Ether
14 Rosanne
15 Outside The Trains...
16 I Found That Essence Rare

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Rec. Live in Germany Feb. 1980 - Stereo
Total time is more than 50 minutes

Additional Credits

None yet

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Interesting live boot. The track listed as 'Armatrite Rifle' is actually an early version of 'History's Bunk!'; 'Part Of This' is actually 'Blood Free', an unreleased song (at least until the 2005 CD reissue of Entertainment!); and they cover 'Rosanne', a song by Mekons. Some titles on the cover are listed incorrectly. Some are obvious, but 'New Entertainment' isn't. It's actually '5.45'.

Additional Notes

Bootleg. Dedication: "This one's humbly dedicated to Malcolm Owen and Ian Curtis".


Gang Of Four - Anthrax Marxists - UK LP 1980 (Democracy - DR 002)Gang Of Four - Anthrax Marxists - UK LP 1980 (Democracy - DR 002)

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