Formed: Los Angeles, California, USA

Hypnotics Los Angeles Punk Band You Know

Great L.A. hardcore band. Their second LP, Expendables, only reached the test pressing stage. It was included in its entirety on Everyone Gets Their Nanosecond Of Fame.

This from a guy called Toby who emailed me (Thanks Toby)

I used to hang out at Doug's studio in Long Beach after the band I guess was broke up. Doug was a cool guy and Marvin used to come over and jam with him. I worked for Izzy Stradlin before Guns N Roses when he was in a band called LONDON which Slash was in and many other rock stars...
and they rented the studio weekly.. was a cool place to party :)
Marky Desade was a crazy guy.. he would do wild stuff. He signed a record in blood which is for sale online :)

Indoor Fiends is an amazing album, a record that should go down in history. The way the keyboards blend with guitars was awesome, and how they would make fun of touchy subjects. Doug told me they got sued for doing 'Go See Cal', which is a song on local TV here in Long Beach which was: Cal Worthington and his dog Spot had a car lot.. and the theme song is what they did and got sued for.. The record label would not put it out. which was Enigma records, pretty big label back then. Guess Stephen put it out on his label. I heard they were selling the masters.

I wish I could find Marky Desade haha but I fear he is probably in a mental place haha.

You can put no one's name or just TOBY, which was my nickname back then if you put it out... but some of this stuff is rumours or possibly not true... the studio part and my idea of band is true :) just about label and masters. I heard it...



Singles & Albums

Hypnotics - Indoor Fiends Indoor Fiends (LP, 1982)

Extraneous Releases

Hypnotics - Everyone Gets Their Nanosecond Of FameEveryone Gets Their Nanosecond Of Fame (CD, 2000)

Various Artists

American Youth Report US LP 1982 (Invasion): Weird People

All For One...One For All US CD 1995 (Grand Theft Audio): I've Got A Gun




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