The Insane - Live In Europe 1982

The Insane - Live In Europe 1982

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UK LP 1991 (Retch - RRLP 004)

1 Last Day
2 Berlin Wall
3 El Salvador
4 Chinese Rocks
5 Urban Decay
6 Politics
7 Bad Brains
8 The Whole World Is Going Insane
9 Why Die
10 War And Violence
11 Nuclear War

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The Insane 1979-1984
Barry Taberner, Dean Mitchell, Simon Middlehurst - vocals
Simon Middlehurst - lead guitars
Tina Walsh, Gary Sumner, Dave Ellesmere - rhythm guitars
Steve Prescott, Dean Porter, Julian Berriman, Gary Sumner - bass guitars
Dave Ellesmere, Nigel Finch, Keith Finch, Phil Nightingale - drums

The tracks on this album have been taken from live recordings of various gigs throughout Europe from the summer and autumn tours of 1982 including
London - Lyceum
Paris - Rock Squat
Frieburg - AZ Club
Koln - Rock Festival
Berlin - Frontkino
Zurich - Red Factory

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The Insane - Live In Europe 1982 - UK LP 1991 (Retch - RRLP 004)The Insane - Live In Europe 1982 - UK LP 1991 (Retch - RRLP 004)

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