No Choice - Sadist Dream

No Choice - Sadist Dream

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UK 7" 1983 (Riot City - RIOT 20)

1 Sadist Dream 4:29
2 Cream Of The Crop 2:26
3 Nuclear Disaster 2:25

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Cid - lead vocal on 'Sadist Dream', backing vocals
Gagzee - vocals
Martin - lead guitar
Svend - bass
Spike - drums

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Side one is 'Sadist Dream'. A delicate acoustic guitar, then a prodding bass-line, and then a voice says, "Life is so boring without wars, why don't people kill each other any more?" The voice continues speaking over the same backing track. This goes on for well over a minute, while the listener awaits some drums and blazing guitars, which don't materialise. At the 1.30 mark some mournful backing vocals (low in the mix) start up, but the spoken word bit drones on. And on. At the three minute mark, its still the same. And so it goes, until the fade out, which adds some echoey effects for variation. What a snooze! 'Nuclear Disaster' is better, a fast, punky number with an almost catchy tune. But the killer track is 'Cream Of The Crop', an Oi! anthem of some repute, up there with 'No Room For You' and 'C.L.A.' for sheer fun.

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #5, MARCH/APRIL 1983: This off-beat record displays a good hand for social satire on the title track, which is basically a spoken poem over an acoustic backdrop. The flipside, however, compensates for a throwaway number with a vaguely wimpy, but nonetheless engaging pop-punk composition ("Nuclear Attack"). Interesting.

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No Choice - Sadist Dream - UK 7" 1983 (Riot City - RIOT 20)No Choice - Sadist Dream - UK 7" 1983 (Riot City - RIOT 20)

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