The Offs - First Record

The Offs - First Record

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US LP 1984 (CD Presents - CD 025)

1 You Fascinate Me 3:30
2 Cool Down 4:05
3 True Story 2:35
4 Why Boy? 2:45
5 Body Hesitation 3:35
6 I've Got The Handle 3:45
7 One More Shot 3:40
8 Bye Bye Baby 2:45

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Billy Hawk - guitar
Don Vinil - vocals
Bob Steeler - drums (vocals - True Story)
Eric Peterson - bass
Roland Young - saxophone (vocals - Body Hesitation)
Richard Edson - trumpet

Produced: The Offs, Roland Young
Executive Producer: Chris Coyle
Engineer: Paul Wycliffe
Recorded: Skyline Studios, N.Y.C.
Mastered: Sterling Sound, N.Y.C.
Special Thanks: Barry Simons

Reviews & Opinions

FLEX HARDCORE: Horrible LP by the “ska punk pioneers”; in contrast to their good early 7”s this LP is powerless, soul-less, groove-less and boring wanna-be ska; the production’s much too slick, too. [2]

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #22, FEBRUARY 1985: Misleading title, as they put out three 7"ers and have tracks on compilations, too (Deaf Club, etc.) . Early OFFS were the raunchiest band in SF, heavy into VELVET's white noise. They later got 'Funky," and ska predominated. This LP represents their latter period (disappointingly), where slick production and saxophones are up front. Find the 45's.

JOHN LELAND, TROUSER PRESS: The journeyman grooves, punctuated by corny horn parts, do nothing to launch the lyrics over their unrealized pretensions. The album offers cool, atmospheric music, but that's the best thing one can say about it.

Additional Notes

Black or white vinyl.


The Offs - First Record - US LP 1984 (CD Presents - CD 025)The Offs - First Record - US LP 1984 (CD Presents - CD 025)

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