The Professionals - The Professionals

The Professionals - The Professionals LP

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UK LP 2005 (Virgin - V1267)

1 Little Boys In Blue
2 Just Another Dream
3 Mods Skins Punks
4 Kick Down The Doors
5 Kamikaze
6 All The Way With You
7 Crescendo
8 1-2-3
9 Madhouse
10 Rockin' Mick

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The Professionals are:
Steve Jones - guitar and vocals
Paul Cook - drums and backing vocals

Produced by Steve Jones and Paul Cook
Bass and backing vocals: Andy Allen
Handclaps: Gentleman Jim Macken
Engineered by Bill Price and Gary Edwards
Tape op by Jeremy Green

Additional Credits

Recorded at Wessex Studios, June-August 1980

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Additional Notes

Bootleg version of the unreleased 1980 LP, disguised to look like the 1980 Virgin pressing. See also The Professionals, The Professionals and The Complete Professionals for legitimate releases of this record which, in reality, do not represent the LP as intended in 1980 at all.


The Professionals - The Professionals - UK LP 1980 (Virgin - V1267). WithdrawnThe Professionals - The Professionals - UK LP 1980 (Virgin - V1267)

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