Red Alert - City Invasion

Red Alert - City Invasion

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Release Information

UK 7" 1983 (No Future - Oi 20)

1 City Invasion 2:16
2 Negative Reaction 2:09

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit: 23, 6 wks


Cast Iron Smith - vocals
Grease Stuart - bass
Tony Van Frater - guitar
Fat Nobby - drums

Recorded at Utopia
Produced by Tim Palmer

Additional Credits

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Reviews & Opinions

DR SYN, PUNK LIVES #7, 1983: Red Alert I'd been told weren't too bad and their 'City Invasion' was pretty good, which isn't really what you'd expect from No Future. Sizzling guitar lines and deep rolling drums marred only by some unclear vocals which went on about vioence. The song was bouyant and well produced.

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #5, MARCH/APRIL 1983: Noisy and somewhat annoying, this latest effort by RED ALERT fails to approach the standard set by themselves or most other "skunk" bands recording in Britain nowadays. Both compositions here are musically undistinctive and, surprisingly, quite messily produced.

Additional Notes

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Red Alert - City Invasion - UK 7" 1983 (No Future - Oi 20)Red Alert - City Invasion - UK 7" 1983 (No Future - Oi 20)

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