Red Cross - Red Cross

Redd Kross - Red Cross

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US 12" 1981 (Posh Boy - PBS-1010)

1 Cover Band
2 Annette's Got The Hits
3 I Hate My School
4 Clorox Girls
5 S & M Party
6 Standing In Front Of Poseur

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Produced by Roger Harris

Additional Credits

Jeff McDonald - vocals
Steve McDonald - bass
Greg Hetson - guitar
Ron Reyes - drums

Reviews & Opinions

FLEX! HARDCORE: A reissue of the six songs from The Siren compilation. Six snotty teen punk hits, noisy but still with the melodic Posh Boy feeling; sounds like an angry gang of 12-year old surfers. Cool stuff. [8]

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #30, NOVEMBER 1985 [reviewing 1985 reissue]: Okay, here's your chance to pick up REDD KROSS's early stuff, back when they had short hair (see photos this issue). Classic stuff like "Annette's Got The Hits," not to be missed. Great re-issue!

Additional Notes

Reissued as Annette's Got The Hits. The more famous "red cover" was actually a reissue circa 1985.


Redd Kross - Red Cross - US 12" 1981 (Posh Boy	- PBS-1010)Redd Kross - Red Cross - US 12" 1981 (Posh Boy	- PBS-1010)

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