Redskins, York, England, UK, Europe

Formed: York, England, UK, Europe

Band Bio (partly written by Chris Blenkin - thanks!) / Lineup / Discography

Chris Dean, Artificial Life #9, 1984: What's [our] ambition? To sing like The Surpremes and walk like The Clash. Diana Ross with a machine gun! If the Four Tops had been steelworkers in the 1917 Russian Revolution then they would have sounded like us!

Leftie skinhead band formed by Chris Dean, who wrote for the NME as Chris X. He and guitarist Martin Hewes were members of the Socialist Workers Party. They formed as "No Swastikas", a straight-forward guitar/drums/bass three piece, playing in a more standard-issue punk/post-punk type style. They were certainly not an Oi! band! Three tracks from this period can be heard on Epilogue.

Rebranding themselves as the Redskins in 1982, they pursued a unique sound through the utilisation of brass including trumpet, sax and trombone, incorporating soul and rockabilly influences. After two indie singles for CNT Productions (home of the like minded The Mekons, The Three Johns and Newtown Neurotics) they toured with Billy Bragg and signed to a major label, Decca, where they remained until they split in 1986. The marketing power of Decca propelled them into the UK singles charts, although major success eluded them.

Redskins, Sounds March 1982 Redskins, York, England, UK, Europe

They famously appeared on The Tube in 1984, where they invited a striking miner to appear with them on stage. The miner's microphone was switched off, provoking accusations that Channel 4 censored them.

Following the Redskins split in 1986 Hewes played for a brief time in The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Vocalist Chris Dean (Chris Moore) has been a recluse since the late eighties.

Redskins Live 1984Redskins, Bring It Down advert



Chris Dean - vocals, guitar
Martin Hewes (aka Martin Bottomley aka Martin Leon) - bass, vocals
Nick King - drums, 1982–1985
Paul Hookham - drums, 1985–1986 (Style Council drummer Steve White played with them for a short time as a stop gap between King and Hookham)

Horn Section:
Lloyd Dwyer - sax, 1982-1985
Steve Nicol - trumpet, 1982-1985
Kevin Robinson - trumpet, 1986
Trevor Edwards - trombone, 1986
Ray Carless - tenor sax, 1986



Singles & Albums

Redskins ‎– Lev BronsteinLev Bronstein (7", 1982)

Redskins ‎– Lean On Me!Lean On Me! (7"/12", 1983)

Redskins ‎– Keep On Keeping On!Keep On Keepin On! (7"/12", 1984)

Redskins ‎– Bring It Down (This Insane ThingInsane Thing) (7"/2x7"/12", 1985)

Redskins ‎– Kick Over The Statues!Kick Over The Statues! (7", 1985)

Redskins ‎– The Power Is Yours...The Power Is Yours... (7"/10"/12", 1986)

Redskins - Neither Washington Nor MoscowNeither Washington Nor Moscow (LP, 1986)

Redskins ‎– It Can Be DoneIt Can Be Done (7"/10"/12", 1986)

Extraneous Releases

Redskins - The Peel SessionsThe Peel Sessions (12", 1987)

Redskins - LiveLive (CD, 1994)

Redskins ‎– EpilogueEpilogue (CD, 2010)


Redskins ‎– RaritiesRarities (LP)

Various Artists

A New Optimism UK LP 1984 (Situation Two): It Can Be Done

They Shall Not Pass UK LP 1985 (Abstract Sounds): Lean On Me / Unionize!

Winters Of Discontent - The Peel Sessions 77-83 UK 2xLP/CD 1991 (Strange Fruit): Kick Over The Statues

Abstract Records Punk Collection UK CD 1994 (Anagram): Lean On Me / Unionize



Redskins Interview

The Redskins (Band) Are Awesome! Facebook Page (this is where I grabbed the colour group photo from)


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