The Rezillos - Flying Saucer Attack: The Complete Recordings 1977-1979

The Rezillos ‎– Flying Saucer Attack: The Complete Recordings 1977-1979

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UK 2xCD 2018 (Cherry Red - WCDBRED705)

Disc One - Can't Stand The Rezillos
1 Flying Saucer Attack 2:51
2 No 2:23
3 Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight 1:57
4 Top Of The Pops 2:58
5 2000 A.D. 2:59
6 It Gets Me 2:11
7 I Can't Stand My Baby 2:24
8 Glad All Over 2:08
9 (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures 3:10
10 I Like It 1:48
11 Getting Me Down 2:09
12 Cold Wars 2:57
13 Bad Guy Reaction 2:19
Bonus Tracks
14 I Can't Stand My Baby (7" Version) 2:39
15 I Wanna Be Your Man 2:05
16 (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures (7" Version) 2:53
17 Flying Saucer Attack (7" Version) 2:59
18 Top Of The Pops (7" Version) 3:23
19 20,000 Rezillos Under The Sea 2:27
20 Destination Venus 3:38
21 Mystery Action 2:53

Disc Two - Mission Accomplished... But The Beat Goes On (Live In Glasgow)
1 Top Of The Pops 2:55
2 Mystery Action 2:45
3 Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight 1:49
4 Thunderbirds Are Go 2:32
5 Cold Wars 2:57
6 Teenbeat 3:06
7 No 2:13
8 Land Of A Thousand Dances 2:14
9 I Need You 1:49
10 Culture Shock 3:11
11 Getting Me Down 2:01
12 Ballroom Blitz 4:47
13 (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures 3:03
14 Destination Venus 4:24
Bonus Tracks
15 Cold Wars (Live In Glasgow 7" Mix) 3:04
16 Flying Saucer Attack (Live In Glasgow) 2:47
17 Twist And Shout (Live In Glasgow) 2:07
18 Good Sculptures (Alternative Version) 3:40
19 Getting Me Down (Alternative Version) 2:22

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The Rezillos ...have been
Eugene Reynolds & Fay Fife - vocals
Jo Callis - guitar & vocals
Hi-Fi Harris - guitar
William Mysterious - bass & saxophone
Simon Templar & D.K. Smythe - bass
Angel Patterson - drums
Gail Warning - backing vocals

Remastered by Simon Murphy at Another Planet Music

Disc 1:
Tracks 1-13 taken from the Sire LP Can't Stand The Rezillos (SRK 6057), released 21st July 1978. Recorded February 1978 at The Power Station, NYC. Produced by Bob Clearmountain, Tony Bongiovi, Lance Quinn and The Rezillos,

Tracks 14-15 taken from the Sensible Records single I Can't Stand My Baby (FAB 1), released 19th Aug 1977. Recorded June 1977 at Barclay Towers, Edinburgh. Produced by The Rezillos and Tony Piley.

Tracks 16-17 taken from the Sire single (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures (6078 612), released 2nd December 1977.

Tracks 18-19 taken from the Sire single Top Of The Pops (SIR 4001), released 21st July 1978. Track 18 recorded at Phonogram Studios, London 1978. Produced by Rezillos and Ian Taylor. Engineered by Ian Taylor. Track 19 recorded at the Power Station, NYC, 1978. Produced by Tony Bongiovi, Lance Quinn, Bob Clearmountain and The Rezillos.

Tracks 20-21 taken from the Sire single Destination Venus (SIR 4008), released 17th November 1978. Recorded at The Manor, Shipton-on-Cherwell. Mixed at Advision Studios, London. Produced by Martin Rushent, Engineered by Richard Manwaring.

Disc 2:
Tracks 1-14 taken from the Sire LP Mission Accomplished... ...But The Beat Goes On, released 1979.
Tracks 15-17 taken from the Sire single Cold Wars (SIR 4014), released 27th April 1979.
Track 1-17 recorded live at the Glasgow Apollo December 23, 1978. Produced by Tim Pearce. Engineered by Tim Summerhayes. Mixed at RAK Studios.

Tracks 18-19 taken from the Various Artists Supermusic LP Scottish Kultchure - The Barclay Towers Compilation Album (SUPLP 2004), released 1982.

Additional Credits

Although the CD notes doesn't mention it, track 18 on Disc 2 was also issued on the B-Side of the 1979 reissue of I Can't Stand My Baby 7"

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Great music and great remastering, but not "the complete recordings" by any means. The group's various Peel Sessions are missing (although I wasn't expecting them to be part of this set anyway, but it would have been nice). The big issues are the severely edited '20,000 Rezillos Under The Sea' (which loses the 40 seconds of mucking about at the end of it) and the omission of the Thunderbirds intro music from 'Mission Accomplished' (which may have been due to licensing problems). The Thunderbirds intro was also omitted from Can't Stand The Rezillos: The (Almost) Complete Rezillos. A lesser (but still irritating) omission is the spoken intro to the alternate version of 'Good Sculptures', which may only be fifteen seconds but these things matter, folks! The liner notes also misspell the name of the compilation album Scottish Kultchur, and the discography doesn't even mention the reissue of the debut single.

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The Rezillos ‎– Flying Saucer Attack: The Complete Recordings 1977-1979 - UK 2xCD 2018 (Cherry Red - WCDBRED705)

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