Formed: London, England, UK

One-off studio project featuring Knox, Eddie and Greg van Cook of The Vibrators, with a bloke called Chris Thompson on vocals.

Nicky Hallam played guitar and was also in Stereo MCs.

For this release Knox called himself Miss Guided, Greg Van Cook called himself Miss Directed, and Eddie laboured under the name C. Slug.

Greg Van Cook was also a former member of Wayne County & The Electric Chairs.

Nicky Hallam - geetar
Miss Guided aka Knox - geetar and Yankee throat
Chris Thompson - throat
Miss Directed aka Greg Van Cook - base and more throat
C. Slug aka Eddie - crazy beat and animal throat


Singles & Albums

Roses Are Red - Can't UnderstandCan't Understand (7", 1979)


Various Artists

Killed By 7 Inch #9 7" (bootleg): Can't Understand






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