Ruts - Acton Town Hall, London 12.4.79

Ruts - Acton Town Hall, London     12.4.79.

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?? CD ???? (no label)

1 Savage Circle
2 I Ain't Sophisticated
3 H Eyes
4 Stepping Bondage
6 Criminal Mind
7 Dope For Guns
8 Something That I Said
9 It Was Cold
10 Fanatical Facists
11 Give Youth A Chance
12 In A Rut
13 Out Of Order
14 Babylon's Burning

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Additional Credits

Malcolm Owen - vocals
Paul Fox - guitars, backing vocals
Segs - bass guitar, backing vocals
Dave Ruffy - drums, backing vocals

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Additional Notes

Bootleg. Information and image from X-Ray Music. Any additional info would be appreciated.


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