Ruts - Get Out Of It!! Live

Ruts - Get Out Of It!! Live

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UK CD 2006 (Ozit Morpheus - OZIT CD 882)

1 Something That I Said 4:57
2 H-Eyes 2:39
3 Gotta Little Number 3:05
4 I Ain't Sophisticated 3:00
5 SUS 3:47
6 Criminal Mind 2:35
7 Dope For Guns 2:03
8 Babylon's Burning 3:07
9 Backbiter 3:15
10 Jah War 3:17
11 You're Just A 2:55
12 It Was Cold
13 Out Of Order 2:40
14 In A Rut 6:58
15 Human Punk 5:43
16 Savage Circle [Society] 3:16
17 Bablyon's Burning 4:11
18 In A Rut 4:45

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Paul Fox - guitars
Malcolm Owen - vocals
Vince Segs - bass
David Ruffy - drums

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Recorded live at the Marquee 19.7.79.

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: This is the same concert from which 'Human Punk' was lifted for The Crack, and is a rave from start to finish. Not absolutely A-1 sound, but certainly better than bootleg quality and very entertaining. Malcolm Owen was a very foul-mouthed young man, and here's the proof. A must! (Note: 'Society' is incorrectly listed as 'Savage Circle' on the cover, presumably because somebody calls out for that song just before they launch into 'Society'.) This show also issued as part of The Virgin Years with slightly (perhaps) better sound, but without the blazing 'In A Rut' encore.

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Ruts - Get Out Of It!! Live - UK CD 2006 (Ozit Morpheus - OZIT CD 882) Ruts - Get Out Of It!! Live - UK CD 2006 (Ozit Morpheus - OZIT CD 882)

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