Ruts - I Ain't Sofisticated

Ruts - I Ain't Sofisticated

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UK LP 2013 (Virgin - GG001)

1 Your Just A ...
2 It Was Cold
3 I Ain't Sofisticated
4 Dope For Guns
5 S.U.S.
6 Babylon's Burning
7 Jah War
8 Criminal Mind
9 In A Rut
10 Dead Man's Dream (Unreleased)
11 Last Exit (Unreleased)

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Recorded for the BBC, 7th July 1979, at the Paris Theatre

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Bootleg on pink splatter vinyl. This was previously issued on CD as BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert (without the last two tracks).


Ruts - I Ain't Sofisticated - UK LP 2013 (Virgin - GG001)

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