Ruts - Ruts Rules

Ruts - Ruts Rules

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Germany CD 1994 (Vince Lombardy Highschool - VINCE LOMBARDY 020)

1 Last Exit
2 Rich Bitch (Demo Version)
3 Out Of Order
4 Lobotomy (Demo Version)
5 Stepping Bondage (Demo Version)
6 Criminal Mind (Demo Version)
7 Your Just A (Demo Version)
8 In A Rut (Demo Version)
9 Babylon's Burning (Demo Version)
10 Different View (Demo Version)
11 Dead Man's Dream
12 West One (Demo Version)
13 Jah War (Live Version Berlin)
14 Whatever We Do (Demo Version)
15 Love Blind Fools (Demo Version)
16 Whatever We Dub (Remix Version)
17 Give Youth A Chance (Demo Version)

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Personal Supervisor: Nicolai Beverungen
Mastered by Tom Meyer

We'd like to give good vibes to Dave, Segs, Paul, Malcolm and everybody who was involved in the glorious "The Ruts" & "DC" time, moreover Jennifer, Uwe Adelfang, Philipp Podeus, Little Annie, Eckhard, Bob Sargeant, Mad Professor, John Brand, Mick Glossop, Bob Johnson and the "Acapulco" guy. Under friendly help from Collision

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Additional Notes

CD was released in 1997 according to some sources.


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